The zeltHAUS is a temporary shelter, which functions as an emergency shelter in humanitarian crisis, but can also find its use with outdoor activities and events. In contrast to your common tent, zeltHAUS is insulated and therefore guarantees protection against all weather conditions in every season, just like a house. Due to its modular construction it can be varied in size for individual use. Adjacent to easy transportation zeltHAUS is easy to setup at any location. zeltHAUS is built with a new mono-material developed from recycled PET, which can be re-recycled or reused after its original utilisation. Therefore the main goal of zeltHAUS - to make international help better and faster - can be fulfilled in the best possible way.
The name represents the idea: zeltHAUS combines the best of
tent (zelt) and house (HAUS).


zeltHAUS Prototyping x Armacell

Nutzungsbeispiel in einem heißen Einsatzgebiet
Nutzungsbeispiel in einem heißen Einsatzgebiet
Nutzungsbeispiel Innenansicht
Nutzungsbeispiel Innenansicht
Nutzungsbeispiel in einem kalten Einsatzgebiet
Nutzungsbeispiel in einem kalten Einsatzgebiet
WE ARE Team zeltHAUS

We are team zeltHAUS. It’s our goal to create a home that is easy to transport and to set up. It should provide a high level of comfort and protection for people in
every emergency situation. Our search for significance in our work is what brings us together. With our knowledge and our experience we try to help
society through the  support of social projects.
Fabian Hegner, Marius Mersinger, Michelle Gallinari AND Jonas Eiden
Our experiences in the refugee camp in Idomeni, which Marius and Jonas visited as part of a charity rally with Team Desert Taxi , gave us the idea for the zeltHAUS. 
Most of the people there were living in a conventional tent, which did not provide them with enough shelter. These conditions made us realize here must be a better solution to give shelter for the people in need. The result:
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